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Once you can identify your conflict management style, using it quickly to resolve the matter will highlight the benefits of conflict in your enterprise. Dealing with conflict early in the process can improve the openness of employee communications and reinforce the Mission, Values, Vision and Systems necessary achieve your objectives. Conflict is inevitable because of many factors. The changing environment, the progress of technology, individual differences and many other factors will cause conflict. Looking at it in a different manner will be profitable to you. If we can have the possible benefits of conflict in mind, we can look at its occurrence as a possible tool for advancement. The following 7 benefits have been identified:

1. There may be situations or workplace issues that need to be addressed. Something that is not obvious to the manager may be causing a disruption in your system or objectives. Often, conflict can allow you to take a closer look at your operations.

2. Team work can to be strengthened. Conflict management gives an opportunity to create stronger bonds and greater alliance. Sometimes, commonalities surface and the conflict can be resolved around these factors. “Conflict Isn’t Always Bad”
3. Goals are more effectively achieved. Often, goals are clarified and enhanced once the conflicting elements are addressed. You may uncover material or deficiencies that were previously unknown.

4. Commitment is often enhanced. This occurs when everyone involved is allowed to share their views and feel that what they think has been considered in the final decision.

5. Productivity is often improved. Workers can be more focused on getting the work done. Particularly if they had a say so in the required procedures.

6. Change is easier if it is the result of agreed upon needs from conflict resolution. New opportunities, products or services and procedures may surface as a result of the conflict management effort. When the involved parties help identify the needed changes, they are more likely to work toward them.

7. The business culture is often enhanced. Conflict management gives the leader an opportunity to reinforce values that are critical to the successful culture. This is a time to remind workers of what values should be exhibited as the enterprise is growing.

The way we consider conflict can affect the way we handle it. We can handle it negatively or positively. Handling conflict positively, expecting helpful results, will contribute to the growth of your business and minimize the number of times you will have to manage conflict.