Procedure and Pricing

The basic Mission of GeniusCore LLC is to facilitate the growth of our small businesses into large businesses that improve the quality of life for their owners, employees, customers and ultimately society in general.  If this is our fundamental  goal, our procedure and pricing must be aligned with it.  Therefore, our basic procedure will involve the training and coaching of business founders or owners so they can obtain the skills that they will need as their business grows.  Ideally, they will be able to solve their own problems and train employees with these skills who will help promote the Mission, Vision and Values of a highly successful enterprise.  State of the art techniques that we use can allow managers to do this if the techniques are applied as taught.  Ultimately, we “put the ball in the Manager’s court”.  A summary of the steps in the process as as follows:

1. We conduct a “get acquainted interview”.  In this interview you describe your situation and what you want to do.

2. We analyze what you have shared and present several options.

3. You, the manager, choose your most pressing need and together we key in on a skill. ( Refer to our Services page.)

4. We negotiate price using the size of your business and your perceived value of the skill to the growth of your business.  A Training Agreement will be designed.

5. We invoice using Paypal’s e-mail invoicing.  You will be billed before the training begins.  Training Agreements will be honored for 30 days.  If payment is not received within the 30 days, the Training Agreement will be cancelled.


Our aim is help you address and eliminate your management skill needs.  GeniusCore does not aspire to get rich because of your needs.  We are sure that we can work out an affordable situation.  Seeing your business grow will be our greatest reward.

“Fortify Your Business Core”


“You can change only what people know, not what they do.”  Scott Adams