Can You Define Your Business Culture?

canstockphoto7778731If your Mission, Vision and Values are set, you can easily describe your business culture,  In other words, the way people work and relate in your business is defined by the culture that the Founder adopts, models and promotes.  Do you have a culture of extreme professionalism or a laid back fun culture or something in between?  Current research has identified the most productive cultures, but before you can move toward the ideal, you must first determine where you are as it relates to business culture.  Following are eight culture types you can consider to identify characteristics of the culture that you, the Founder, have created or want to create. Adapted from Derek Irvine. So, how would you describe your workplace culture? What happens in that environment?


1. Market Driven – Focus: results, competition, achievement

2. Hierarchy Driven – Focus: structure, control, efficiency, stability, procedures

3. Appreciation Driven – Focus: bonuses, promotions, “in person” Thank you, positive performance reports to higher ups

4. Customer Service Driven – Focus: excellent customer service, customer friendly office policies, measurement of service quality and customer feedback

5. Family Driven – Focus: long established processes and rituals, mentoring for career growth, allows underperformance

6. Innovation Driven – Focus: risk taking, research guided, employee autonomy, occasional burnout

7. Trust Driven – Focus: solid relationships, open door policy, transparency, promise keeping

8. Merging Companies – Focus: conflict resolution, lack of trust, low moral, confusion


Any culture you adopt should be natural to the Founder and reflect the Core Values that you have set for your business.  Many of the best businesses share characteristics of several cultures.  Determining and molding your culture is difficult and time consuming, but as the “keeper of the Vision”, it is your most important job.  A strong and consistent culture will put you high above your competitors.  Remember, the best model of your business Values is you.  Foster your culture as you build your GeniusCore.  Contact us for help with this important task.


“The trick to balance is not to make sacrificing important things become the norm.” @simonsinek