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On Boarding Skills

Strategic Management

We help you clearly define your Mission and Values.  These are the fundamental building stones for your business.  Everything you do in your operations should tie to these important guides.  Goals and objectives that align with your Mission and Values will be clarified and given realistic timelines.

Performance Management

Online counseling and training to help you grow your business by setting quality and quantity standards to help you control the growth of your business and ensure that expectations are clear to everyone.  Virtual Management Strategists help you achieve this important goal.  Together, we set standards for employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Project Management

Virtual Management Strategies provide online counseling and training to help you design measurable goals and objectives.  We help you set timelines according to your determined growth plans.  We help you assign the appropriate talent to the various projects required.

Organizational Communications

State of the art communications skills will help you embed your Mission and Values throughout your business.  This is also very important when gaining the total commitment of your employees.  Virtual Management Strategists help you acquire the skills you need.

Change Management

The dynamic environment we live in requires constant change.  The progress of your business will depend on your company’s ability to make changes without losing the established momentum. Virtual Management Strategies will help you apply skills that will take you through current and future change.

Conflict Management

Employees see things differently and interpret things differently.  The diverse population of our nation can result in conflict because of a wide array of expectations. A dynamic  business environment can also cause conflict.  The progress of your business will depend on your ability to manage various kinds of conflict. Virtual Management Strategies will help you apply skills that will help you manage this conflict.


Virtual Management Strategists help you design in-house training when appropriate.  Certain types of training can be achieved within your business  because of the collective experience of your employees.  We help you design training modules that are most effective for your situation.

Employee Interviewing and Selection

Selecting the right employee is critical to the growth and success of your business.  We help you select the best employee for your required knowledge, skills, abilities and talents.  All of these are important factors in successful employee selection.


Employee Induction

The first ninety days of a new employees experience will shape the level of contribution that the employee gives to your growing organization.  Virtual Management Strategies  will help you develop the most effective employee induction.


We inform and coach you to solve your own problems.  You become the expert.


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