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We’re all suffering from mental overload. There are many distractions everyday. Basically, it’s frequent interruptions from tones chiming all around us. This often leads to “rampant ‘screen sucking’, texting under the table during meetings, and frequent feelings of frustrations at trying to get everything done well and on time.” Edward M. Hallowell 

Reshma Sadhu shared: A university of California Study of Digital Distractions at Work reported it takes about 25 minutes to get back to a task after a distraction.

“The 20 seconds you expect to take to check Facebook or Instagram turned into 25 minutes of unproductive time. Distractions at work are everywhere. No matter where we turn there will always be something that will put a great big pause on whatever you were doing. Whether it’s emails, texts, online notifications, etc, technology can weight down productivity and cause great distractions at work.”

Anyway, it’s hard to focus on anything. Our performance in all areas are affected and we don’t have a sense of peace and well-being. As Hallowell states, “We created the laborsaving devices that catalyzed the unplanned explosion within which we live today.” But as serious business builders, we can learn to manage and control these modern devices in ways that will be beneficial, not detrimental to out progress. We can pivot our trajectory from uncertainty and chaos to great achievements.

Can you imagine great innovators and creators of the past being constantly interrupted as we are? I can’t. You can be sure they had quiet times to deeply concentrate and study concerning the things they were working on.

Jeffrey Hayzlett in ”Why Focus Is The Number One Element of Business Success” stated “As a business leader trying to think big and act bigger, if you don’t relentlessly focus that ownership on what drives your business, create a culture that reflects who you are, and stay grounded as you make things happen, you’ll never see the true rewards of thinking big and acting bigger.” In other words, important business matters must be top of mind and given adequate attention. This is easier if your business purpose/mission is meaningful to you and you’re committed to it’s success. If you aren’t, you may be in the wrong profession or business.

Hallowell agrees “…engagement develops naturally when you work in your ‘sweet spot,’ the overlap of three spheres: what you love to do, what you are very good at doing, and what advances the mission of the group or what someone will pay you to do.”

So how do we gain more focus in our lives?

Many authorities have offered suggestions and in an article submitted some time ago. I listed fourteen things you could do. They were as follows:

  • Make your business purpose meaningful to you.
  • Design a personal system for achieving your goals. This will give you the “structure” mentioned above.
  • Create an objectives list.
  • Set certain times of day to check social media.
  • Train your brain to focus.
  • Consciously ignore interruptions.
  • Strengthen your support.
  • Do something toward your purpose/mission everyday.
  • Choose one task and complete it fully.

These are easy to include in your daily activities and can help you make the important contribution to the future your Vision is driving you toward.

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A couple of things others have suggested is first, to organize your workspace. An uncluttered space helps maintain the structure you need. Also getting up earlier in the mornings works for some people. Of course, it depends on your preferred working time. Some people are morning people and others are evening people. You know your type. However, trying something new might give you just the motivation and increased focus you need, so think about it.

I’m sure you want to spend your time wisely because time slips away. Your life is also slipping away. You can’t lose time bringing your marvelous Future Vision to life. You must do it now while you have such useful resources available to you. You want to have the ability to enjoy the benefits of your manifested Vision, so consider the benefits of Focus and include it in your daily activities. 

Be encouraged. Help is on the way. Benevolent innovators are considering how better technology could protect us from distractions. See this cutting edge Ted Talk, “How Better Tech Could Protect Us From Distraction” by Tristan Harris. An exciting future is on the way! Play your part and stick to it! 

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