Years of Management research in an easy to follow guide.

Small business success from master business builders.

This book saves a lot of time for you as you build toward small business success. The layout is uncluttered.  No extra filler words are added. You have straight forward Directives.  You can avoid common mistakes that cause business failure by using this book as a handy reference.

“Insirational, detailed instructions, opening my mind. Thanks for offering it.”


“I’m going to give this to my sons’ boss. He neds this.”


“These are good life skills, not just for business.”


“Legal things I wasn’t aware of. Thanks.”


“Clear management skills. Useful in business training for case study analysis.”


“I want to grow my plumbing business.  This is just what I need. Thanks so much.


Why you’ll

love it



Each Directive is summarized at the end of each chapter as clear skill Recipes.  You can quickly reference them as you need them.


Easy to Understand

Straight forward Directives are presented in everyday language.  This helps you quickly understand the information and avoid common mistakes regularly made by new business owners.



This book summarizes and describes, in a clear manner, best practices in management. It applies to any industry or discipline. Research resulting from years of analyses of studies focusing on business success has been simplified for the average reader.  The skills are presented as simply as possible.


Organized for Business Building

The Directives are organized in the exact manner that business building should take place.  It takes you from Mission/Purpose building to scaling up your business.


Complete Steps

Complete steps are included for each Management skill enabling easy and complete application.


Great References

The book is full of references for deeper study of business Management. You will be able to use this book as a first step toward the mastery of business manament. Study of the references will answer most of the management questions you will have as you grow.

An Example of a Summary in Recipes from the Book

Recipe for Preventing Failure (Directive #1)

Step 1. Be true to your original Vision.
Step 2. Tightly control your money.
Step 3. Create a strategic plan.
Step 4. Make sure you have enough funds to begin operations.
Step 5. Understand the complexity of your business.
Step 6. Test for customer acceptance.
Step 7. Make good marketing assumptions.
Step 8. Take adequate steps to avoid lawsuits.
Step 9. Ask your customers what they need from you.
Step 10. Use good hiring and on boarding practices.
Step 11. Use all data available when making big decisions.
Step 12. Design operational processes.
Step 13. Innovate in spite of the economy.
Step 14. Scale when conditions are right.

“Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.”
― Brandon Mull, Fablehaven


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