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As you study successful businesses, you’ll discover some stationary characteristics of these organizations. Most of the founders have built their businesses around key concepts that have remained constant. They have achieved organizational integrity because of these stationary, key concepts.Their customers are committed to them because of what they stand for. This can be called “organization integrity”. Organizational integrity is the condition when an organization’s parts fit together around a solid business Core. An analogy would be be an avocado or peach that grows and adapts around its ever-present Core. The Core never changes as it grows and the elements of the Core can be found in every piece of the fruit.

Great businesses have this “ever-present” Core. This Core is the prime component of the founders’ mindset. It’s always the basis for any business decision. Strategy, System development, employee acquisition and customer relations are built around this “ever-present’’ Core.

This is easier said than done. Our changing environment and daily responsibilities can easily get you off course. New opportunities can distort your mindset and send you in the wrong direction, but a patient and strong commitment to your established business Core will bring you lasting success.

In previous articles, I have described legacy businesses such as Birkenstocks, Delta and Amazon. They are excellent examples of long surviving businesses with solid or “ever-present” business Cores. If you want to build a long standing business read on.

Your Core must contain 5 well designed elements:

Your Mission/Purpose is your “core within your Core”. It is a declaration of why you exist as an enterprise. It is an overarching, unchanging expression of your business purpose and aspirations. It clearly describes what you want to accomplish. This is solid, it never changes because it represents why your business exists.

Unshakable Values are another set of elements of your solid core. These will support your Mission/Purpose and Vision. Values shape your business culture and reflect the ethics and character of your enterprise. Core Values help the organization run smoothly and help everyone involved make good decisions. These basic Values are permanent elements of your solid core.

A Vision is a picture of what success will be at a certain time in the future. It describes what the business will look like, how big it will be or what the business will be famous for. Specifically defining your Vision is the best foundation for your Management Strategy. Your Vision is one element of your Core that may experience a change as you grow. It is, however, a very strong element that generally stays the same. It is the most inspiring element of your Core.

A strong business Core contains clearly defined, implemented and establishedSystems. These systems are a combination of people and applications that meet your business goals and objectives. Systems contribute to the smooth operation of your enterprise and can change when necessary but they form another critical element of you rock solid business Core.

Talented workers are the last key components of your solid business Core. Therefore, only the very best fit for your business must be hired because of their importance to your Core. The best workers will be committed your Mission/Purpose, share your Values and are excited about your Vision. Careful selection is critical.

An orderly mind precedes an orderly environment. With a solid business Core, a business owner can work more efficiently, effectively and profitably because your mindset contains an image and awareness of your Core. Growth and iteration are also efficiently managed with a fortified business Core. GeniusCore training is organized to help business owners build their businesses with a well established solid Core.The book referenced below is a great start and can help you create and assimilate your Mission, Vision, Values, Talent and Systems to establish a fortified business Core for sustaining your enterprise for years to come. Experience “The audacity of rooted things”, the words of Cynthia Bond, as your business becomes rooted with a solid Core.

Complete guidance in: “20 Directives for Small Business Development: Do or Die”