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Hiring new employees can be very successful if you follow some tested procedures for hiring, on boarding and coaching the people that join your organization. The Mission, Values, Vision and Systems are the established elements of your business core that will provide the structure for sustainability and growth. You must reinforce your business core every time you make important decisions. Hiring employees is an important decision that can sustain or tear down your business core. If you carefully plan your hiring, on boarding and coaching processes, you can help eliminate deviations from your business core and continue to grow. Consider the following guidelines.

1.Use state of the art hiring procedures. Using a good job description, you can design an application and hiring process that only draws the kind of employee that will work in your culture.
Develop an objective interviewing process. ( Hunches and first impressions can be misleading)
Develop questions that test, with a scoring system, for the knowledge, skills, abilities and talent you need now and for what you will need in the future.Remember, you want team members that can become committed and grow with your business. Include questions that test for value alignment. Does the applicant have personal values similar to your business values?
Carefully consider all legal requirements and conduct good background checks.
2.Develop and use a systematic on boarding plan. New hires will understand how important they are to the organization if they learn about the critical elements of your business core. Introduce them to the team and all important operations. Clearly explain all of your expectations and take plenty of time going over the position description. Basically, if you treat them like a new family member, you’ll be on the right track.
Prepare a list of things to do for the on boarding experience. Such as preparing the work area and providing supplies.
Engage all team members in the process.
3.Develop and use a systematic coaching plan. A new hire might have a tremendous amount of talent, but it is fundamentally important for him/her to learn your culture and systems as well as your objectives. This takes time. The new hire can only help improve your systems after he/she has learned them thoroughly. This is time consuming for the owner but your investment in a thorough coaching and evaluating process will pay for itself over and over. By all means, don’t leave the new hire to do the work as he or she wants to. People perceive things in drastically different ways sometimes. Your systems have been designed for growth and incremental, studied change, not change because of the new hires initial perception of things. Prepare a file or booklet of organizational goals, vision and operational procedures.
Discuss the file or booklet with the new hire to make sure she understands.
Carefully check for understanding. Asking questions works well.
Plan to commit at least two or three months (depending on the complexity of the job) to coaching in a few sessions each month. You will get to really know your new hire and they will learn what you expect from them.

When you have used efficient and effective hiring, on boarding, and coaching procedures, you will have a valuable and committed team member who can help you grow and continuously improve your business.