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Your mission acts as the president of the business strategy that you adopt.  It dictates the character of the what, when and why in your business operations.  GeniusCore LLC is anxious to see  many small businesses grow to become big businesses that contribute to the growth and fulfillment of their employees, the quality and value of their product or service, and consequently, the welfare of our society.  American businesses can do better.  Most are driven by profit.  Profit is their ultimate value.  They are focused on financial gain for the people at the top of their organization with very little regard for employees and contribution to a better society.

As a growing business, you have the opportunity to build values into your mission that will facilitate a more equitable society of economic contributors.  Therefore, a business mission that values the individuality and growth of its employees as well as a focus on contributing to society will be highly successful in the present environment.

The benefits of having a “society centered” mission are abundant.  Primarily, as owner or founder of the business, you know you are working toward a noble cause.  This is a great motivator.  Your focus is on a positive society rather than all of the negatives that surround us.  Your product or service will be of the highest quality possible, because of your intense desire to be a genuine contributor to a better society.    You will also realize that honoring the portion of your mission that values individual talents and growth enhances all of your business goals.  Keeping these employees aware of your core quality value makes uncompromising quality a standard in all your operations.  Customers in America yearn for high quality services and products that have almost disappeared from our experience.  This is mainly because of weak or nonexistent “society centered” company missions.  Let’s do better.


” When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” – W. Clement Stone 

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