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canstockphoto23470343 Let’s talk about how to share that vision that you’re so excited about with others in your business.  You see the service to society that you can deliver and you see the improvement of quality of life for your employees.  You also see prosperity for your entire business associates and of course, you see prosperity for you and your family.  You can’t make the vision a reality alone. None of this can happen if the workers are not aware of and motivated by your vision.  Ideally, you want everyone involved in your business to know and understand the vision that will propel your organization forward.  You will know that your employees understand your vision by the level of involvement, quality of customer service,and level  of motivation that they display.

The benefits of vision sharing throughout your business are vast. Some employees will begin to come up with new ideas, they will contribute to the success of the operations and keep going when things get hard.  Essentially, employees and all involved will be connected to the vision intellectually and emotionally.  This promotes a strong sense of community, where employees feel that they belong and can help the business thrive.  They’ll look forward to coming to work everyday!

You’re probably wondering how you can get employees involved in your vision at this level.  How will you get people at lower levels involved?  How can you motivate others to believe that together, we can accomplish this grand vision?  Well, it is possible to share your vision with clear, frequent and concise communication, persistent follow through and consistent goal alignment.

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If you have carefully designed your vision statement where it is inspiring and motivating to you, more than likely, all of your organization will think that it is inspiring and motivating also.  There may be naysayers, but your consequent actions may bring them in.  If not, they may need an assignment elsewhere.  We will discuss this is future posts.  But for now, we will focus on motivating as many as you can with your exciting vision.  Therefore, it is important to communicate your vision using various methods. Use any occasion to repeat the vision and clarify unclear areas.  Repetition is your friend.  Be sure to follow through with your vision related promises and use a variety of occasions to highlight achievements that fit the goals of the vision.  There are many steps you can take to enhance employee involvement in your company vision.  We’ll discuss these in depth in a subsequent post.  Stay tuned.


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