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This book contains Management Practices that the best businesses in the world are using to create, manage, sustain, fortify, grow, and replicate their businesses.  Everything is presented in clear and concise terms that anyone can follow and implement. It contains the essence of what we teach here at GeniuscoreLLC.  Read the book and carefully follow the directions and you will avoid critical mistakes and out perform your competition. If you still need help, we are here for you.  Contact us.

Are You Building Your Business in Fantasyland?

4 Top Characteristics of Super Successful Entrepreneurships

  With so much information available to us, there’s no reason we can’t be well informed about business building. A large percent of new businesses fail because the entrepreneurs are not aware of the skills they need to keep the enterprise afloat. Most entrepreneurs...

The “Art of the Deal” When Business Building

  Your business depends on people to help you perform the various operations of your venture. You will need to develop and grow your customers and business affiliates. You will need to develop partnerships and acquire important endorsements as your business...

4 Guides To Test the Feasibility Of Your Innovation

  “Innovation is the specific function of entrepreneurship, whether in an existing business, a public service institution, or a new venture started by a lone individual in the family kitchen. It is the means by which the entrepreneur either creates new...

The Superiority of a Purpose Driven Business

  Harvard Business Review Analytic Services conducted a survey sponsored by the EY Beacon Institute. They took a global survey of 474 executives. Most believe in the power of purpose driven organizations but only a few companies consciously embedded their purpose to a...

Episode #7 Integrity as a Business Value

You, as founder, are responsible for designing, modeling and promoting the Culture that will be most supportive of your Mission/Purpose. The Culture is made up of the Values or principles that are most appropriate for reaching your Vision. You are responsible for...

Podcast #6 The Elegance of Simplicity in Business Building

Simplicity as a business value or principle is presented as a "Super" value. A value used by some of the most profitable businesses. Simplicity as a value, will help you build a strong and sustainable business because you’ll eliminate everything you really don’t need...

Podcast #5 Values and Culture con’t

8 "super" values identified in episode #4 are explored. I apply these Values to 3 extraordinary and legendary businesses. This helps in the understanding of how to apply great values and the importance of the results your business will see as you apply them....

Podcast #4 Values and Business Culture

Design an enjoyable workplace with the tips shared. It may seem impossible, but it is possible to build a productive and enjoyable workplace. I explore the results of current research concerning the best places to work and clearly describe the elements used to build...

Podcast #3 The Purpose Driven Business Con’t

Embedded Purpose/Mission is explored more deeply. Story of my business and lack of embedded purpose Companies with embedded Missions.Purposes 3 ways a strong Mission/Purpose can build a strong, sustainable and replicable business Steps you can take to establish a...

Podcast #2 The Purpose Driven Business

    A strong business purpose can lead to phenomenal business results. So the importance of an inspired Mission/Purpose and the need to be driven by it is one of the first things I want to emphasize in my efforts to help you build a successful business. I like to...


Excellence and Integrity

Excellence and Integrity are two critical Core Values for GeniusCore LLC. America’s businesses are suffering because of the absence of Excellence and Integrity in their operations. Most focus only on the bottom line and do anything to achieve it.

We need more businesses guided by Excellence and Integrity.  GeniusCore trainers and coaches can help you achieve this needed strategy for business success. Trust and Commitment from your employees and customers will follow the Integrity and Excellence in your business.



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Create Profit
Management Research has identified exact methods for moving your business toward profit. Master the Management skills needed to create a profitable business by building a Geniuscore.

Sustain Profit
You can design profitable systems that bring in constant revenue that you can reinvest into your enterprise. Manage profitable Systems and maintain the enterprise of your dreams.

Increase Profit
Increasing profits begins with maintaining complete control of your business. A comprehensive framework that you can measure all business actions against, will allow you to add volume to your business.

Replicate your business
By repeating the successful operations of your business, you can design additional enterprises and continually repeat success.

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