A GeniusCore Defined

A GeniusCore is a company with operational integrity that is, the Mission,Values,Vision, Systems and Talent work together to form the foundation for achieving targets and goals.

Mission – The reason you are in business and what you want to contribute to society.

Values The elements of your business culture such as respect, efficiency, or innovation.

Vision How you see your business in 4 or 5 years.

Systems  – The operational processes that have proven to be most useful in helping you reach your objectives.

Talent – Workers that fit your business culture best, are committed to your vision and help maintain and adjust your systems.

“Fortify Your Business Core”

Your Mission is your “core within your core”.  It is a declaration of why

you exist as an enterprise.  It is an overarching, unchanging expression of

your business purpose and aspirations.  It clearly describes what you

want to accomplish.  This is solid, it never changes.

Unshakable Values are another set of elements of your solid core.  These

are the supports of your Mission and Vision.  Values shape your business

culture and reflect the ethics and character of your enterprise.  Core

Values help the organization run smoothly and help everyone involved

make good decisions.  These basic Values are permanent elements of

your solid core.

A Vision is a picture of what success will be at a certain time in the

future.  It describes what the business will look like, how big it will be or

what the business will be famous for.  This is the only element of your

core that may experience a slight change.  It is, however, a very strong

element that generally stays the same.  It is an inspiring element of your


Talented workers are key components of your solid business core.  

Therefore,only the very best fit for your business should be hired because

of their importance to your core.  The best will be committed your

Mission, share your Values and are excited about your Vision. Careful

selection is critical.

A strong business core contains clearly defined, implemented and established Systems. These Systems are a combination of people and applications that meet your business goals and objectives. Systems contribute to the smooth operation of your enterprise and they form another critical element of you rock solid business core.

 "An orderly mind precedes an orderly environment." With a solid 
business core, a business owner can work more efficiently, effectively and profitably.  Growth and iteration are more efficiently managed 
with a fortified business core.  

GeniusCore training and coaching can help you assimilate 
your Mission, Vision, Values, Talent and Systems to 
establish a fortified business core that will sustain you for 
years to come.

Experience “The audacity of rooted things”,

Cynthia Bond, as your business becomes rooted with a solid core.


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