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Prepare to take charge of the management and control of your planned or existing business with a clearly defined architecture.In this article, I will call it a “comprehensive framework” for your business. Doing this will ensure that you are truly managing your business and not just working in it as the technical expert. It is the best way to see your business Vision manifested in reality therefore, it’s really helpful to design your “comprehensive framework” before you launch your business. You can study your industry and its leaders, analyze your best technical skills, and describe the various elements of your Vision.


While doing this, it’s important to always keep a learning attitude knowing that you will need to make changes to your framework from time to time. There’s a lot you can do to put your design on paper because of our convenient Information Age. Designing this framework is the step that takes your idea from concept to the creation of an actual business guide. I have identified 6 reasons why designing your “comprehensive framework” will help you manage and control your planned or existing business.


1. It identifies what’s really important to achieving your business goals. Our time can be spent in many ways during a regular day. Identifying what really matters can save time and move you closer to your goals. A framework forces you to list what is most important to your business and eliminates everything else.


2. It allows you to position yourself before your business begins. This will help you focus above the routine and mundane. It will help you keep the business strategy in mind above the day-to-day requirements. You will begin your business truly in the role of Chief Executive Officer.


3. It helps you clarify your Vision. The more you think about your business Mission, Values and Vision, the clearer they will become to you. As you study your industry and its leaders, you will begin to see how your new business will improve or simplify the processes and subsequent product or service. You will identify how your business will be unique in your industry.


4. It helps you to take corrective actions if your operations are disrupted. You may identify problems with your assumptions about business before you launch it. You can test your assumptions against reality. You will also be able to identify potential problems early in your actual business processes because you have this comprehensive business framework.


5. It will help you evaluate your progress. You will have actual guides to show where you are and whether your processes are taking you to your Vision. A comprehensive framework helps you design your objectives and targets.


6. Our environment is changing so fast that we can barely keep up. A business framework helps to keep you grounded in a specific trajectory that can keep you on the road to your Vision.
This framework also helps you make changes more efficiently and with minimum disturbance.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into smaller manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”  –Mark Twain, American Humorist and Author


Basically, there are lots of things you can do to ensure the success of your planned or existing business that don’t require money, an office or employees. You can create the “comprehensive framework” to eventually contain a clear business strategy with operational procedures. It just takes a little time.


Clear recipe for designing a business framework: “20 Directives for Small Business Success: Do or Die”

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