Podcast #2 The Purpose Driven Business

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A strong business purpose can lead to phenomenal business results. So the importance of an inspired Mission/Purpose and the need to be driven by it is one of the first things I want to emphasize in my efforts to help you build a successful business. I like to study legacy businesses so. I’m going to tell a story about one of the best examples of a legacy businesses and their Mission that I’ve found.

  • Example of an embedded Mission/Purpose
  • Questions to test your Mission/Purpose
  • How to solidify your Mission/Purpose


Birkenstock Shoe Company

 Craig and Snook “For Impact to Purpose” Harvard Business Review

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Podcast #1 Professional vs Business Builder

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The differences between the professional and the business builder is explored. This message is built around the belief in the “E-Myth” as described by Michael Gerber. It is the mistaken belief that most businesses are started by “technicians with tangible business skills”. However, Gerber clearly explained that most businesses are started by people with no tangible business skills and consequently, they fail. After more than 25 years his message is still not believed. In this podcast I will contrast the mindsets of the professional and the business builder and highlight the mindset needed to build a great business.

  • 7 characteristics of the mindset of the technical or professional business owner
  • 7 characteristics of the mindset of the business builder.
  • Advantages of the business builder mindset

“The E-Myth Principle is Still Alive and Flourishing” Martin Zwilling, Forbes


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