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When you begin your new business, begin with a grand end in mind. In other words, think “Big Business” from your beginning. Your Vision for life will become your reality. This “Big Business” perspective will help you keep a growth perspective and influence your actions toward performing the role of Director of your business rather than the technical expert only. In order to perform as the Director you need a complete “score” (in music terminology)or a complete architectural plan to guide your actions. You will need a comprehensive framework that will support your business from 1 to 100 or more employees. This is a Business Core®.

This Core consists of a well designed Mission, Values that you personally are guided by, a Vision of your enterprise when you reach your 100 or more employees, a Strategic Management plan for achieving your goals and objectives, a description of the Talented employees that will help guide you toward your Vision and a complete description of the Systems that you will use for business operations. I know, this is a lot to do when your time is limited, but success requires diligent, carefully considered and purposeful effort. This is how entrepreneurs have grown their businesses to large corporations.

The advantages of designing the Business Core® are enormous. First of all, it gives you confidence when you’re making business decisions. You’re not taking “shots in the dark”. You have a comprehensive guide for running your business that you have committed to. This can eliminate a lot of frustration and uncertainty. If you have a new business, you need to make each action you take relevant to your business goals. This is difficult to do in our complicated environment where there are many distracting elements. This comprehensive guide will help keep you grounded in your business Vision.

                                   “The neglected leadership role is the designer of the ship.” Peter Senge

1. The comprehensive framework makes performance management easier and more objective. These clear objectives and targets will give you measurable feedback that can be observed by everyone involved in your operations. If an employee is not meeting his or her objectives, it will be evident when measured against the elements of your Core. This will allow you to make objective decisions concerning hiring, training, promotion or reassignment.

2. The comprehensive framework makes project management more efficient and effective. You will choose projects that fit your Core and avoid others. You will be able to communicate the need for the project and procedures for the project within your comprehensive framework. When your affiliates understand your decisions and they fit into the organization goals, they are likely to be more motivated to help you achieve the desired results.

3. The comprehensive framework helps you to manage the change that every business must experience because of our fast changing knowledge base and technology. You will be able to test the required changes against your Core to determine the effects on all elements of your framework. This will help you efficiently make the changes needed in any of your Systems and you will also be able to determine the effects throughout your business.

There are many others advantages of managing within the parameters of a comprehensive framework. Basically, you can avoid many of the mistakes that new business owners make. You will be prepared for contingencies. You will also have a business with operational integrity with committed employees. You will enjoy personal motivation because you have clear direction that can be measured and controlled as you grow.

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