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New business owners have many things to think about and manage. It’s difficult to strategize or preplan for the many elements involved in becoming successful. However, considering some facets of your business before you need them will eliminate some of the uncertainty of the future and remove some of the inevitable stress that you will encounter. Before you hire your first employee, think about how you will handle the following aspects of workplace development:

Accountability and Responsibility – What indicators do you have in place to point to the efficiency or effectiveness of the required duties?

Engagement – How much will your worker(s) be involved in the operations of your business?

Recognition – How will you show your worker(s) that you notice their good work?

Development of Relationships – How much emphasis will you put on relationship building with your worker(s)?

Openness and Realness – How honest and upfront do you plan to be with your worker(s)?

Development Plans – Have you thought through development plans for the people who work for you?

Degrees of Authority – How much authority are you willing to share with your worker(s)?

Clarity of Expectations – How will the new hires be informed of the expected practices and outcomes?

Failure – How will you handle an employee’s failure if it occurs? More than likely it will. So what will you do?

Work and Life Balance – What are your ideas on making sure that your worker(s) keep a healthy balance between work and other life activities?

It’s helpful to have some idea of what the 21st century worker wants from a workplace. Many studies have been conducted that explicitly describe what workers want from their workplaces. The planning points outlined above line up with the development of a positive workplace as described in research.  Most agree on the following characteristics of a fulfilling work place. See “Characteristics of a Positive Workplace” by Hongkiat. Consider these five manager characteristics that build a positive and fulfilling workplace.
1.Value open and honest communication. Resist the urge to keep important information to yourself. If it effects the workers responsibilities, let them know about it. Even share bad news because the worker is sometimes a good source for the solution.
2. Promote a balance of work and life. Well rounded employees are happier and more creative. Show that you value outside activities such as sports or charitable work.
3. Design developmental opportunities. Everybody wants to grow and advance. Give worker(s) the opportunity to grow with your organization and they will be more motivated and committed.
4. Design relevant ways to recognize worker achievements. Everyone wants their mangers to recognize the contributions that they are making to the organization. This adds a great deal to satisfaction and motivation.
5. Promote team work. Working in teams makes the work more enjoyable and achievable for most people. It can promote relationships that help workers become more committed to your objectives.

With a little preplanning you can build a wonderful workplace that can help your organization grow faster and stronger.


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