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About Us
I am Doris P. Johnson, the Founder and CEO of GeniusCore LLC. I became interested in management training when I took a job with a government agency in Georgia. I enjoyed the research and writing required of the job but I really appreciated being able to help struggling managers as they tried to help their workers carry out the missions of the various agencies. The teaching methods we used were mostly participant led, that is, the managers presented their problems and we worked through them using best management practices. I have strong memories of hundreds of managers walking away from the experiences feeling a great sense of relief because they now had an answer to their various dilemmas.


The one thing that we did that help the managers the most was to simplify the management techniques and present them in practical ways that were easy to follow. Actually, it turns out to be common sense things that have been scientifically verified! I enjoyed this experience so much that I decided to develop an online training and coaching practice to help small business owners prevent or eliminate as many management problems as we can early in the process of the business’s development. If we guide you through these state of the art processes, this will possibly lead to a much better chance of success as the business grows.


I believe that my experience as a counselor will also enhance my ability to listen and understand the various experiences that new managers will encounter. As I bring new members in as Virtual Strategists, they will have the same skills and commitment to the Mission, Vision and Values that I have adopted. Therefore the Mission of GeniusCoreLLC is to help small businesses to use state of the art strategies to grow their businesses. Our Vision is to contribute to the positive culture of all business and to contribute to the progress of an equitable society. Individual talent development and trust throughout the organizations are our most important Values.


I have more than twenty years experience in the areas of  training and development for managers, customer service, business management, counseling and training design.  Our virtual management strategists can help you change your small business into a fantastic, growing business. We are process consultants. We guide you through processes. Your business can survive and prosper in this rapidly changing environment with state of the art skills provided by our remote consulting services.


Our primary focus is on the people side of business and the development of a GeniusCore that is appropriate for todays dynamic organization.


“Fortify Your Business Core”