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This book contains Management Practices that the best businesses in the world are using to create, manage, sustain, fortify, grow, and replicate their businesses.  Everything is presented in clear and concise terms that anyone can follow and implement. It contains the essence of what we teach here at GeniuscoreLLC.  Read the book and carefully follow the directions and you will avoid critical mistakes and out perform your competition. If you still need help, we are here for you.  Contact us.

Are You Building Your Business in Fantasyland?

Podcast #3 Purpose Con’t

this podcast addresses the importance of an an embedded Mission/Purpose in more depth. Story of my business and lack of embedded purpose Companies with embedded Missions.Purposes 3 ways a strong Mission/Purpose can build a strong, sustainable and replicable business...

Podcast #2 The Importance of s Strong Purpose

      If you do a quick study of the most successful businesses, you’ll see that a strong Purpose was at the center of that success. So the importance of an inspired Mission/Purpose and the need of being driven by it is one of the first things I want to...

Podcast #1 Professional vs Business Builder

This podcast explores the differences between the professional and the business builder. It's built around the belief in the "E-Myth" as described by Michael Gerber. It is the mistaken belief that most businesses are started by "technicians who know nothing about...

4 Top Characteristics of Super Successful Entrepreneurships

With so much information available to us, there’s no reason we can’t be well informed about business building. A large percent of new businesses fail because the entrepreneur are not aware of the skills they need to keep the enterprise afloat. Most entrepreneurs have...

A Time-Tested Guide to Problem Solving For Business Building

  If you are building a business you must get comfortable with the reality that you will always have problems to solve. Problem solving will be your essential responsibility as you establish and fortify your business because problems are naturally inherent when...

Evolve From Solopreneur to CEO of Your Business in 5 Steps

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Grow from the only worker in your business to the CEO of this business and more by learning business practices from master business builders. Change your mindset to include growth targets and management excellence.

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9 Ways To Embed Innovation and Creativity Into Your Business Environment

We are living in a unique time for business building and innovation. Every thing we need to build a business is at our fingertips. The money isn’t always available, but the ‘how to’ resources are free for everybody to access. The uniqueness of our times offers the...

5 Ways Your New Hire Can Enjoy Helping You Build Your Business

As you are building your business it’s a good idea to think about the future of your small business with your new hire. How will you integrate and maintain great employees. Thinking about this before you need it will make this part of your business building process...

4 Characteristics of Legendary Business Missions

This is a phenomenal time to be in the process of business building. Any information you need is at your fingertips. You can learn to avoid mistakes that other businesses have experienced by checking industry histories and stories. You can also learn what has led to...

5 Guiding Principles of a 243 year old Business Legend

Management research of the best businesses in the world have highlighted some important practices for business success. If you're building a business, it will be of great benefit to know and understand these practices at the beginning of your venture. The current...


Excellence and Integrity

Excellence and Integrity are two critical Core Values for GeniusCore LLC. America’s businesses are suffering because of the absence of Excellence and Integrity in their operations. Most focus only on the bottom line and do anything to achieve it.

We need more businesses guided by Excellence and Integrity.  GeniusCore trainers and coaches can help you achieve this needed strategy for business success. Trust and Commitment from your employees and customers will follow the Integrity and Excellence in your business.



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We are Virtual Strategists.  We help you when it’s convenient to you.

We help you to become the Management Authority in your business with virtual tools on your time.










Create Profit
Management Research has identified exact methods for moving your business toward profit. Master the Management skills needed to create a profitable business by building a Geniuscore.

Sustain Profit
You can design profitable systems that bring in constant revenue that you can reinvest into your enterprise. Manage profitable Systems and maintain the enterprise of your dreams.

Increase Profit
Increasing profits begins with maintaining complete control of your business. A comprehensive framework that you can measure all business actions against, will allow you to add volume to your business.

Replicate your business
By repeating the successful operations of your business, you can design additional enterprises and continually repeat success.

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